Hunter Insight was developed out necessity to be a companion to the assortment of tools available to hunters today. The app is not a social platform of thousands of people showing their trophies from hunts, but rather a highly adaptive tool to help you be a more effective hunter. We’ve coined the term—Intelligent Hunting Metrics—because that’s what makes this app functional. Hunting Insight gathers over 30 points of weather data that are hyper-specific to your exact location when you log a hunt. From there, the app will compute the best location to hunt based on your historical data compared to the current weather. The more you hunt, the smarter the app becomes. You must use the app for it to have any intrinsic value other than looking handsome and taking up space on your phone.

The very nature of this app is to provide a more advanced version of hand written notes and logs. In no way should Hunting Insight be a replacement for common sense. If you have qualified intel on where your game of choice has been, go there, and log that data for the future.

From Mountains to Tributaries

It’s all about the data and it’s no secret all animals are affected by the weather. The same weather that keeps you inside longing for the next fair day to hunt, is the same weather that can drive animals to the similar spots every year.

Hunting Insight collects the same data whether you’re in a blind on the water or in a stand in the mountains. How we aggregate this data will help you remember that five years down the road when the conditions were similar, but with a three-week delta, to head to one location versus another.