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Merisign - Digital RelevancyRelevancy is one of the biggest considerations when writing and curating content for the web. In a world of search algorithms that intake content at an alarming rate and spit out results that it assumes are most relevant for its consumers, it’s of paramount importance that you position your website’s content in such a way that it is most beneficial to the performance of the site.

Duh, right? Every client we engage has the same goal, get to the first page of Google and most importantly increase conversions from users to paying customers. Below are some tips that will help your company’s website maintain relevancy amongst its competition.

Content – Drafting well-written content that has intentionally well-positioned keywords and with natural densities is clutch. While humans and search engines alike frown upon egregious grammatical errors, we’re not talking about writing a graduate level dissertation here. It’s important to note that content should be written in a manner such as normal conversation—“Our company serves to stand behind their clients and build the best possible websites and apps out of our studio in Annapolis, MD.” Throw locations and keywords into the loop together. Double down with a medium to high frequency of new content and you’ll be golden.

Code – Holding the hand of search engines and helping through the ins and outs of your site will yield dividends. What does that mean? You want to absolutely have proper use of heading tags and sitemaps. Setup accounts with each search engine to ensure your site is performing at the level you’d like. Double check that your sitemap is dynamic and is updating every time you make an update to the content on your website. It’s vital to the long-term success of your digital presence. On additional topic inside the code would be to make sure there are no broken links and errors on the site. Missing images, bad code, etc. all spell disaster for having the big search engines think your site deserves to be on the front page.

Frequency – Make updates as frequently as humanly possible. We live in a fast-paced world. There is an expectation that your website should follow suit. This applies to both content and core files of your CMS as well.

Giving care and attention to these small measures will ensure that your website is performing at its best. Radical changes will not happen overnight, but if you’re persistent you will absolutely see quantifiable gains in the performance. Go forth and be relevant!