Monthly WordPress Maintenance

$100.00 / month

All WordPress, Theme & Plugin Updates*, Scheduled Offsite Backups, Security Monitoring & Cleanup, Uptime Monitoring

Please feel free to contact us with any pre-sales questions

Product Description

All WordPress, Theme & Plugin Updates*
Plugins and themes enable a whole host of functions that otherwise would entail costly custom development, but those same plugins and themes cause compatibility issues that can plague almost all WordPress sites. Although we cannot guarantee future compatibility with all the software running on your site, we can make sure that before any backups are made, we have a complete set of backups to revert back to in the case of something not working right. You will also receive a 25% discount on our normal programming rate to correct incompatibility issues in-house.

Weekly Scheduled Offsite Backups
Merisign will configure two weekly systematic backups for your site and database. One will be stored locally on your server for easy retrieval and the other will be downloaded to an off-site server for security and in the case of catastrophic failure. Backups will be limited to 5GB of storage or less. For larger sites, please inquire about a custom service arrangement.

Security Monitoring & Cleanup
Your site will reap the benefits of years of testing and will receive a complete security suite, which will eliminate a significant number of threats to your site. In the event your site is hacked, our team will be notified of malicious files on your server and will begin to remediate the intrusive code.

Uptime Monitoring
Knowing your site is always up and running is important. Nobody has the time to check their site every few minutes to ensure everything is working right. Merisign will use scripts to check the integrity of your site’s uptime every five minutes. If something goes awry, we’ll be alerted and will commence troubleshooting techniques to get your site back up ASAP. It’s worth mentioning that if your website host is experiencing troubles, there may be little Merisign can specifically do to remedy the issue, but we will at least know and can keep tabs on the progress the host makes.



* Compatibility with preexisting software for future updates cannot be guaranteed by Merisign. Limit of three (3) hours of provided service included in monthly maintenance package.