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Part two of  ‘The Realities of Modern-day Web Development’ series is titled—The Power of Immersive Content. Before we get into the post, I’d like to point out some interesting metrics:

New Domains Registered
New Website Launched
New Blog Posts
New Instagram Photos
Facebook Likes

What’s truly amazing about these data points is the amount of time it takes to achieve of these numbers—60 seconds. Yes, in every single minute, there is that much information passing around the old interweb. That’s pretty staggering stuff to think about. How in the world do you even begin to think about making an impression in such a saturated environment?

That’s a loaded question for sure with not one right answer, but definitively to even expect to get the smallest amount of traction, you must have immersive content. The driving force whenever something is created should be rooted in creating a lasting impression. We’ve touched on historic car design in a prior blog post and it’s importance to the legacy and heritage of the brand. To more clearly frame the driving point here, it’s less about the interval of impact, and more about its impact in the moment.

Make no mistake, building an app or website is commonplace. Every business has a website (with an increasing number of apps are being made as well). As far as Merisign is concerned, content will fall into two areas—copy and media. Each has their place in creating an initial and also lasting impression with your target audience.

Well-written, transparent copy that has been genuinely written for your project is immensely important. It’ll be the link to SEO, but moreover it’s the most practical way to tell a story—specifically your story. Media on the other hand is comprised of photos, audio, video, and graphics. This is where we talk about engagement. You unequivocally need quality media on your in your web and/or app project to find success.

All the aforementioned thoughts are under the assumption of some level of organic traffic. Without that, you could have the most beautiful, dynamic, and powerful end product, but without users, it’s a cyber paperweight. For new products, analyzing market shares and finding the right time/place to bring your product to market is the most pivotal step (aside from a working product).

So how do you create immersive content? It’s critical that your project is founded in such a manner that people find it interesting. Interesting can come in the form of websites, apps, videos, blogs, guest lectures, your community, and other people (amongst many other ways).

Connecting with your target audience is the bottom-line.

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